Smoking and your Richmond homes value

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Smoking and your Richmond homes value nosmoking copy

Smoke inside a home in Richmond has a detrimental impact upon your home’s value. Many people either quit or never smoked to the point that smokers the minority in the greater Richmond area. While it’s hard for the smoker to smell, cigarette smoke permeates into almost everything in a home, the carpet, the drywall, the decorations, the insulation, and even the wood. The smell lingers and is hard to get out of the house.

So how does this hurt the home? Many buyers will pass on the home or not even consider the property as they know the difficulty in remediation of the smoke damage. Often times the carpets have to be replaced and the walls sealed. Not just paint, you need to seal the walls or replace the drywall and insulation. This adds up! Robbing you of your equity and diminishing the return on your investment. So you will just hope a smoker will buy the house? Well the greater Richmond area current population is estimated at 1,260,000 with about 15%of the population is smokers, so less than 200,000 who smoke. Not so bad, however let’s look deeper into the numbers. Based upon the sales numbers provided by the Richmond Association of Realtors MLS, the average amount of sales per month are 1,451. So 15% of the sales equal 217 families who have smoke. Then you have to narrow the field to persons looking for a home in Richmond in your neighborhood and price range. For selling a home, the more potential buyers the better and the faster the home will sell. And lets face it, studies have shown the number of cigarette smokers in Richmond is declining due to death, others health issues, or just quitting.

So what can you do? Obviously just quit! It will help your own health and the health of everyone in the home. Not to mention the value of your home in the long term and the immediate impact upon your wallet as cigarettes are expensive. I know its not easy, I have been through it.

If you don’t want to quit, how about smoking outside? It gives you fresh air and doesn’t hurt your home’s value. Using a Vape is another option, however they still have a smell to them and could hurt your Richmond home’s value.  

For now make sure to air out your home on nice days, open the windows and get a fan to draw in the fresh air. Over time the smoke smell will lessen and will disappear on it own. Be advised this can take years if not decades.

To protect your Richmond home value smoke outside or quit smoking today!